Silver Linings for Dark Days: Depression and Me

What is the ‘Black Dog’ and how can I bring it to heel? Bad thought-busting, a ‘Plateful of Mood’ and putting on your ‘WOW!’ glasses.

Skype Course:

1 Skype session, up to 3 hours in length including breaks

This session explores depression through the following:

  • Sharing thoughts on depression – how does it feel to you?
  • Noticing unhelpful thinking patterns – what is the personal impact of these thinking patterns
  • Challenging unhelpful thinking – disrupting and replacing unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Exploring and sharing problem solving ideas – using group wisdom and understanding to create solutions

Face to Face Course

4 hours: morning or afternoon session

Session Goals:

  • Explore the impact of depression
  • Challenge unhelpful thoughts
  • Raise awareness of the connection between mental health, ‘Food and Mood’ and being active
  • Build recovery tools to support moving forward


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