Mind Building: A Resilient Me

What is emotional intelligence? Reframing emotions and building resilience.

Skype Course:

1 Skype session, up to 3 hours in length including breaks

This course explores resilience through the following:

  1. Emotional intelligence and well-being - Developing an understanding of emotional intelligence and the impact of it within your own life.
  2. Connections – Exploring the importance of making and maintaining connections with others
  3. Reframing – Understanding and developing the ability to re-frame challenging situations
  4. Healthy ways to cope – Using tools strategies to maintain healthy ways to cope with challenging situations

Face to Face Course

6 hours: two morning or afternoon sessions

Session 1 Goals:

  • Connecting with emotions
  • Identify emotions impact on behaviour
  • Explore Emotional Intelligence
  • Build skills to reframe emotions

Session 2 Goals:

  • Continue to build Emotional Intelligence
  • Further develop skills to reframe emotions
  • Steps to build resiliency skills


  • Thursday 21 January 2021 01:00 PM
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