Anxiety: Ebb and Flow

How can I manage my anxiety? Challenging unhelpful thoughts and building your own recovery kit.

Assertiveness: A Balancing Act

What is assertiveness and why it is important? Behaviour types and positive reframing.

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Finding my Mojo: Confidence and Self-Esteem

How can I build my confidence? Understanding cycles of self-esteem and moving forward.

First Steps to Wellbeing

What is ‘wellbeing’? Developing healthy routines and a peek at mindfulness.

Mind Building: A Resilient Me

What is emotional intelligence? Reframing emotions and building resilience.

Project Me: Self-Awareness and Motivation

What makes me ‘me’? What am I good at? Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Silver Linings for Dark Days: Depression and Me

What is the ‘Black Dog’ and how can I bring it to heel? Bad thought-busting, a ‘Plateful of Mood’ and putting on your ‘WOW!’ glasses.

Stress less

How can I deal with stress positively? The difference between anxiety and stress, the impact it can have and the Stress Bucket Model.

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