Andrew interviews Jamie

Andrew interviews Jamie, the Recovery College Cornwall manager about his career, his role and much more.

Andrew interviews Julia

Peer Mentor Andrew discusses mental health techniques and more with Julia, one of the Recovery College Cornwall's Community Trainers.

Andrew interviews Tracey

In this video, Andrew continues with his team interviews by interviewing Tracey, one of the Recovery College Cornwalls' Community Trainers.

Andrew interviews Nick

In this video, Andrew, one of the Recovery College Cornwall Peer Mentors interviews Nick, a Recovery College Learning Support Worker about the pandemic and what the past year has meant to him.

Andrew interviews Sarah

In this short film Andrew interviews Sarah about the pandemic, the last year and moving forward

Andrew interviews Becky

In this short film, Andrew interviews Becky about the pandemic, and going forward

Andrew interviews Lowenna

In this short film, Andrew one of the Recovery College Cornwall's Peer Mentors interviews Lowenna, one of the Learning Support Workers about her work.

Andrew talks to Lowenna

In this short video Andrew talks to Lowenna, Learning Support Worker about his on-going journey and his emerging role as a trained Peer Mentor with Recovery College Cornwall

Andrew talks to Tracey

In this short video from our YouTube Channel, Andrew a leaner with Recovery College Cornwall talks to Tracey one of our Community Trainers' about his experiences with the college.

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