A Learner shares their Recovery College Journey

Working alongside the Recovery College has been very helpful. It’s given me a distraction and something to concentrate on. (Sarah Corps) You have been very helpful and pushed me in the right direction. Given me something to focus on and talking through my problems helped me a lot. I had just started painting when I started the RCC and I got more encouragement to keep painting by sharing my paintings with people from the RCC.

It was very helpful to talk to my Learner Support Worker as I find one to one much easier than group settings but I still understood everything that was meant. The fellow students understood parts of my problem as I did theirs which was helpful. Due to my memory loss I find it difficult to remember the course content but it was all pretty cool to be with the other people.

I will miss the support and guidance, but I am much better now than I was. I am smoking less, not drinking, going on my bike every day. Also got a bus pass which helps a lot. I suffer with panic attacks. Especially on things so trivial as buses, but with help I’ve received I’ve managed to push through it and things seem to be getting better. I am planning on getting fitter mentally and physically so its small steps but many.

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