A Learner shares their experiences with Recovery College Cornwall

How did you hear about the Recovery College Cornwall (RCC)?

I found out about the Recovery College through the Social Prescriber at my GP surgery.

What was it from the information that you had that made you interested in enrolling with RCC?

I got more information from Sue who I was working with on the Who Dares Works project and she suggested that the Recovery College would help to improve my mental health.

How accessible did you find the courses, tutors and learner support Workers?

Very good, I found the courses on Skype easier as I felt more comfortable and felt that I was able to open up more.

How did you find it joining the courses with groups of people that you hadn’t met before?

Very nerve wracking at the beginning but once it got going it improved my confidence to apply to go onto BF Adventures and the Chalk Project.

Are there any benefits that you have already felt personally from your time and what you have learnt during your time with RCC?

I have been able to learn more about myself and it has given me different coping strategies such as box breathing and the worry tree and I can also refer back to the booklets. It has allowed me to understand my mental health a lot better.

Is there anything that you would like to say to anyone thinking about joining RCC?

Go for it, give it a go it’s definitely worthwhile!

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